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Connection: It’s a vital part of the fiber of COTC, and it’s what helped Alex Trujillo land his dream job even before graduation. “I always knew COTC was such a great institution and offered some really great courses at a really affordable price,” Trujillo said. “I wanted to be a designer, and I knew they had a good design program that wouldn’t put me in a crazy amount of debt.” From the smaller class size that allowed him to make connections with fellow students and professors to opportunities for student employment and the financial benefits of lower tuition and a much shorter commute, Trujillo found himself thriving at COTC. Because of a chain of connections that began when Trujillo helped with an on-campus summer workshop, he was introduced to a board member at Explore Licking County. The organization approached him to see if he would be interested in an internship, and he eagerly accepted. Several months later, the internship turned into an opportunity for full-time employment after graduation. At Explore Licking County, Trujillo has been grateful for the opportunity to learn from experienced graphic designers and photographers while being given the freedom to test and improve his own skills. He earned his associate degree in digital media design in August 2019 with priceless real-world experience and a job he loves. “Just the fact that before I even graduated I was placed into a job that more or less is like my dream position…it’s very realistic for me to pay off my student loans in a matter of years rather than a matter of decades,” Trujillo said. “That’s just something I’m so grateful for.” Fast track your career cotc > 4 ALEX TRUJILLO Junior Designer Explore Licking County Digital Media Design Technology, 2019 “There were numerous people that took interest in my growth as a designer in my time at COTC. Teachers really do care about me going out into the world and working.”