LLI Summer 2018-digital

A Word from the President... Welcome to the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) at Central Ohio Technical College, where we value your life experience, intellect, and curiosity. The LLI programming continues to be cerebral and intriguing, with the courses and topics as diverse and interesting as the individuals who make up the LLI membership-base. If you have not participated in LLI programming in the past, please consider joining us as a special guest and exploring all we have to offer. If you are a member or an active participant, THANK YOU. The LLI brings a richness to COTC. Each of you are an extension of our treasured COTC family, and we appreciate your advocacy for the institution and for the value of education. The mantra of LLI is “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching!” Please take a moment to reflect upon that statement, and commit (or recommit) yourself at this moment to both learning and teaching. A Welcome Message... The number seven has been considered to be symbolic and sacred. It signifies security, safety, and perfection. There are seven days in a week. There are seven colors of the rainbow. There are seven letters in the Roman numeral system. Why all of the references to the number seven? Because we are celebrating the seventh anniversary of the Lifelong Learning Institute at Central Ohio Technical College! Speaking of numbers, we are proud of our growth and our impact on the senior population throughout Central Ohio. Nearly 800 mature learners have participated over the years in at least one LLI program, course, or event. This past year alone boasted 342 active participants and 288 members. You are more than a number, though, at LLI. By joining us, you and your interests become our number one priority! We welcome YOU to become part of this extended family of intellectually curious individuals that not only love learning, but they are also passionate about people! Join us for an experience that is enriching and life-enhancing. Warmly, Vicki Maple, M.Ed. , Vice President for Workforce Development, Community Affairs, The Gateway and Extended Campuses 740.364.9565 VMaple@COTC.edu Yours in Learning, Bonnie L. Coe, Ph.D . President, Central Ohio Technical College Vicki Maple, M.Ed. Lifelong Learning Institute Steering Committee Members The tradition of member-driven leadership of the Lifelong Learning Institute continues with the efforts of the following individuals: Catherine Adamescu Pete Anderson Steve Ball Carl Bowman Rosemary Feka Kathy Fia Rosalie Frazier Mary Havens Jan Hoftziezer Willard House Jim Kimnach Madelyn Klaffky Shirley Palumbo Pat Sagar Sandra Stewart Chairwoman, Erika Taylor Beverly Vogeley Gloria Woods Bob Wulfhorst Carolyn Wulfhorst Staff: Vicki Maple and Tonia Osborn Lifelong Learning Institute Bonnie L. Coe, Ph.D. 1 On front cover: Jim Kimnach and Steve Ball