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LIANE DAVILA-MARTIN, BIOLOGY GRADUATE LIANE DAVILA-MARTIN moved from Puerto Rico to Pickerington, where she graduated from Pickerington High School North in 2011. She spent two years at Ohio State Newark before transitioning to Columbus to complete her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She is currently working on a doctoral degree. “I knew I wanted to go to Ohio State, and I fell in love with the Newark campus. I wouldn’t be here in vet school, and I wouldn’t have obtained my master’s degree, if I hadn’t started in Newark. My experience in Newark made me a stronger leader and a better student.” Academic life is really important, but so is exploration outside the classroom. Ohio State Newark has everything you need to succeed. GET STARTED IN RESEARCH ASA FRESHMAN. Ohio State is a research powerhouse. At the Newark campus, undergraduates can get started early with hands-on research opportunities—even as a freshman. You will find renowned professors at the forefront of their fields willing to work side-by-side with you until you are ready to lead. Ohio State Newark students have tracked endangered bee species and restored their habitats, studied language comprehension in preschool children, and developed new treatments for cancer, just to name a few. BROADEN HORIZONSWITH EDUCATION ABROAD. Learning is not limited to the classroom; that is just the beginning of your journey. Our students have traveled to Berlin, Germany; Havana, Cuba; Liverpool, England; and Quebec, Canada. We keep costs low so that all students can participate. We will even reimburse the cost of your passport. GET INVOLVED YOUR WAY. Be an active participant in your educational experience by getting involved at Ohio State Newark. Join—or start—a student organization. Stay active in intramural sports. Perform live in choral or theater productions. Or just participate in one of the many activities held on campus. Your experience is what you make it, and Ohio State Newark can help you make it great. EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING IS REAL EXPERIENCE. Grounding your classroom knowledge with real-world application of those skills is a must for navigating a career after college. Ohio State Newark unites students with organizations like Boeing, Mental Health America and Dawes Arboretum for hands-on professional experience through internships and other forms of experiential learning. These opportunities are built into the curriculum for many majors and minors, but are also available through the university’s Buckeye Careers network. GO FAR.