Progress Report 2018 digital

LETTER FROM THE DEAN Enrollment at The Ohio State University at Newark has risen steadily over the past five years and reached a record high of 2,882* this fall. We expect enrollment to continue to grow over the next five years, and our new strategic plan is in line with that expectation. We have established initiatives to increase the campus’s capacity, expand academic programming and enhance the student experience. Underlying those initiatives is a singular focus: student success. Beth Beattey and Konner Barr illustrate the heights to which our students soar. Beth was selected to be one of two student speakers at Ohio State’s spring Commencement. Konner realized a lifelong dream when he became the 2018 drum major of The Ohio State University Marching Band. Those are just two of countless individual student accomplishments. Of course, accomplishments are often the result of the efforts of students, faculty, staff and community members working together. The great things that are happening at the SciDome are the result of such efforts. Our partnership with The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology allows us to use amazing technology to engage the community not only in conversations about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) but also in activity in those fields. I encourage you to attend a SciDome program and be a part of the conversation and the discovery. Founding Director Mike Stamatikos, the staff at The Works and many of our students are putting together wonderful programs for people of all ages. Plans for activities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are unfolding at the campus, as well, as we carry out the design phase for the John and Mary Alford Center for Science and Technology. We are incredibly excited to see that project come to life, and I look forward to the day we publish a story about its completion. Look for that story in the 2022 edition of our Progress Report! William L. MacDonald Executive Dean of the Regional Campuses *Starting in 2018, the Office of Enrollment Services now includes all enrolled students in its headcount, regardless of students’ paid status. Enrollment of students who had paid their fees by the 15th day of the semester is 2,772. REACH