Progress Report 2019

REDEFINING THE JOURNEY 2 “I HAD ONCE THOUGHT I WOULD BE A RADIO DISC JOCKEY, BUT SOMETIME DURING MY JUNIOR YEAR I REALIZED THAT WAS NOT THE CAREER FOR ME.” As The Ohio State University has begun celebrating its 150th anniversary, I have been thinking about Ohio State Newark’s own beginning and how the campus has evolved since then. Founded in 1957, its mission was to enhance access to the university by extending Ohio State courses, programs, research and service to our region of the state. As our 2018- 2023 strategic plan indicates, access is still at the heart of our mission, but we have become a much bigger portal. I have often told people that when I started here in 1992, I could not have imagined that the campus would become what it is today. Ohio State Newark is now the path to an Ohio State degree for a record 2,943 students — a diverse group, not just in terms of demographics, but also in terms of worldviews, experiences and interests. As that diversity might lead you to expect, our students’ educational goals are diverse, which makes the work of our faculty and staff challenging and exciting. As students develop and move through their coursework, we eagerly help themmake the most of their time here at the campus, and we look with enthusiasm toward their futures. Predicting what the future holds for any beginning college student is difficult. Paths through college take curves, sometimes lots of them, and some of those curves can be big. When I enrolled at a regional campus to begin my college education, I had visions of being a disc jockey, so I majored in radio, television and film. After three years, I realized that a career in radio was not for me, and I switched my major to interpersonal and public communication. Then I pursued a PhD in sociology. I imagined becoming a professor, but I never imagined becoming a dean. As an undergraduate, the curves I experienced gave me some anxiety. Since then, the curves have been exhilarating, especially since I arrived at Ohio State Newark. In this issue of our Progress Report, our students, alumni and faculty share stories of the curves they encountered on the way to their current places in life. Their tales of how they made adjustments or charted new courses are inspirational and worth celebrating as we mark our sesquicentennial. I hope you enjoy them! William L. MacDonald Dean/Director, The Ohio State University at Newark I Letter from the Dean REDEFINING THE JOURNEY 3