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Spring 2014, Volume 8, Issue 3
10th Annual Research Forum Showcased
Student Discoveries
Poster Presentation, Completed Research:
• Melissa French, Anthropology, Senior, “Preliminary
Comparison of Subsistence Practices at Two Fort
Ancient Villages” (Winner)
• Krysten Chadwick, Psychology, Freshman, “The Effects
of Music Training on Verbal Memory” (Runner-up)
• Kurstie Bevelhymer-Rangel, Psychology, Senior,
“Improving Decision Making”
• Ashley Cooper, Psychology, Senior, “Video Game Play
Affects Executive Functioning in College Students”
• Brittany Elgersma, Psychology, Junior, “Influence of
Birth Order and Number of Siblings on Decision
• Lauren Evano, Psychology, Senior, “The Effects of
Background Noise on a DifficultWord Learning Task”
• Kelsey Hall, Psychology, Senior, “Beware the Company
you Keep: Emotional Contagion on Facebook”
Seventeen students judged in four
In its 10th year at The Ohio State University at Newark,
the Student Research Forum showcased students and their
research across all disciplines. The Forum, held in March,
featured seventeen students displaying their cutting-
edge research in the John Gilbert Reese Center. Student
presentations were judged by a diverse panel of Ohio State
Newark faculty in four categories.
For some students, it also served as valuable practice
presenting in a formal setting before they presented at the
nationally-renowned Denman Research Forum. “It’s all
about our hard-working students presenting their research
accomplishments,” says Dr. Nathaniel Swigger, Assistant
Professor and co-organizer of the event.
The full list of winners and participants follows below:
Oral Presentation, Completed Research:
• Michael Piemonte, Education, Senior, “Mardi Gras
Indian Council (MGIC) —The Best Kept Secret in
America” (Winner)
• Erin McKenna, Psychology, Senior, “Attention Bias
Reduction in Individuals withWilliams Syndrome”
• Adelaide Sidwell, International Studies, Junior, “Jews of
Colonial Dutch Brazil”
• Debra Fitch, English, Senior, “Continuing Discourse
ConcerningWomen’s Reproductive Rights in Dystopian
• Brittany Franz, Psychology, Senior, “What You Don’t
Know Can Hurt You: Social Comparison on Facebook”
Oral Presentation, Proposed Research:
• Chelsea Hinshaw, Anthropology, Junior, “Emersonian
Spirituality and Latent Millennialism inWestern
Environmental Discourse” (Winner)
• Lindsey Rike, Psychology, Senior, “Cross-domain
Priming of Language and Motor Rate” (Runner-up)
Krysten Chadwick, Freshman Psychology Major receives
congratulations on her research from Dr. Robert Cook.
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