Ohio State Newark Student Resource Guide 2021 Final

Welcome! I am delighted to welcome you to The Ohio State University at Newark and to a world of new opportunities, new ideas, new challenges and new communities. We want to help you discover the depths of your talents, explore the range of your interests, expand your creativity and identify opportunities that will define your experience at Ohio State. We are also pleased to provide you with this Student Resource Guide, which I believe you will find invaluable. It contains great information about university resources, processes, and academic and co-curricular opportunities. I strongly encourage you to review these materials now and throughout your first year. When you have questions not answered by this resource, an advisor is here to help you. Once you find out who your assigned academic advisor is, feel free to contact them or the Office of Academic Advising with any Ohio State-related questions. They will find the answer or point you to the best resource for help. Your first-year experience is important because it is the foundation for a successful Ohio State career. To this end, we encourage you to participate in campus life and to commit yourself to success. We’re glad you’re here! Best wishes for a great year, William L. MacDonald Dean and Director of The Ohio State University at Newark Contents Warner Library 18 Information Technology Services 19 Campus Map 20 Newark Area Apartments 21 Center for Student Success 16-17 Things to Know 4-5 Student Financial Services 6-7 Dining Services and On-Campus Housing 9 Student Life 10-12 Advising 14 Retention and Student Success Initiatives 15 Academic Enrichment 13