50 Notable Alumni digital

Dr. Berry JOHN M. BERRY, PHD COTC President 5 > NOTABLE ALUMNI Central Ohio Technical College As we celebrate Central Ohio Technical College’s (COTC) half-century of providing high-quality, in-demand education, we’re incredibly proud of the impact and success of our nearly 16,000 graduates. Their stories are COTC’s story. In this special 50th-anniversary publication, you’ll meet 50 alumni who have excelled professionally and made a significant impact in their communities in a wide array of fields. However, they represent only a small sampling of COTC’s extraordinary graduates. As I travel throughout central Ohio and beyond on behalf of the college, I am privileged to meet many alumni and learn about the broad impact of COTC graduates. They are the lifeblood of our communities — innovating, creating, striving and providing critical links in workforce needs. I am inspired daily by their passion and dedication. And I’m pleased to report that our alumni are in good company. In recent years, community college students comprised approximately 44% of all U.S. undergraduate students, according to the Community College Research Center. This is a testament to what COTC graduates have known for years — that attending a community college is a smart choice that prepares students exceptionally well for fulfilling in-demand careers and furthering their education at four-year colleges and universities. As you read about the exceptional alumni featured here, I hope you will be inspired to share your own story and reconnect with COTC. Some of you have earned advanced degrees, others are creating workforce opportunities, and many are serving the greater good by working to help others and improve your communities. Your stories can all serve as critical inspiration to others. Whether you graduated with an associate degree or a certificate, you are a part of the COTC alumni family. By reconnecting, you can become part of a community that supports each other professionally, in business opportunities, and more. To stay apprised of the latest COTC news, be sure to keep your contact information updated by visiting the COTC website and clicking on the Alumni tab. You can also connect with fellow alumni on Facebook at @COTCAlumni. And our advancement office is always eager to learn of your professional and personal accomplishments. Feel free to contact Kim Manno, director of advancement, at manno.18@mail.cotc.edu or 740.366.9135. As we look forward to COTC’s next 50 years, the college is poised for a very bright future. Our history and mission will be our guide as we extend the vision of our forward-thinking founders. We hope you will be a part of that future — as COTC continues to redefine what’s possible. Thank you for choosing COTC. JOHN M. BERRY, PHD PRESIDENT CENTRAL OHIO TECHNICAL COLLEGE Telling COTC’s Story >