Progress Report 2018 digital

EXPERIENTIAL COURSE INSPIRES STUDENTS Inside-Out Program: Celebrating 10 Years Ohio State Newark students immerse themselves in their coursework each year. Literally. Up to 15 students go behind the scenes — and behind bars — to learn alongside the incarcerated men of Southeastern Correctional Institute (SCI) in a course called Inside-Out. This type of experiential learning is aligned with the university’s motto of “education for citizenship” by affording students the opportunity to meaningfully engage in social justice issues. “It feels less like I’m being taught about the system and more like I’m gaining an understanding of the system,” said freshman Ethan Ralston, a 2018 outside student. “The class definitely piqued my interest being that it meets at a prison with students on the inside. Talk about a unique experience!” The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program is an international initiative that brings together college (outside) students with incarcerated (inside) students for a semester-long course held in a prison, jail or other correctional setting. Associate Professor Angela Bryant, Ph.D., started Inside-Out at Ohio State Newark 10 years ago and has taught it ever since. “Inside-Out encourages participants to see crime and justice from new perspectives that otherwise might not be considered and assists students, free and incarcerated, in seeing themselves as potential agents of social change,” said Bryant. For many of the outside students, this is the first time they have stepped foot into a prison. Similarly, many incarcerated students are engaging with college students outside of the correctional facility for the first time. Everyone is nervous, but that shared emotion breaks down the initial barrier between inside and outside students. “You sit in a big circle. No one knows what to say. No one knows how to act. Everyone is looking everywhere except at each other,” psychology graduate Brittany Lewis described the first day. She participated in Inside-Out in 2017. “If you step out of your comfort zone and let it change you, it will.”